Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2016

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Valentine’s Day Menu

For Valentine’s Day, the restaurant I Tigli in Theoria is proposing a very special menu, for a very important day.
A mix of flavors and colors that will make you experience the real essence of this day!

* * *

Welcome by the Chef with a flute of Champagne
Vicciola tartare, yolk egg cooked at low temperature, hazelnut emulsion, crackers, crunchy vegetables (1 – 3 – 8)
Foie Chaud , embeurée of red currants, hazelnuts, balsamic vinegar reduction, red pepper from Kampot (1 – 7 – 8)
Palinurus Lobster* in clarified butter, agretti, veil of tomato water and Lobster* powder (2 – 7)
Codfish* lasagna with black charcoal pasta, liquid white polenta (1 – 4 -7)
Veal tenderloin, thousand leaves of potatoes and chervil sauce poivrade (1 – 7 – 9)

€ 130,00

* * *

Valentine’s Day Menu is proposed for whole table

*Due to the HACCP law and to safeguard our guests our raw fresh fish have to be frozen in short time to guarantee the maximum and total safety.
The numbers next to the course refers to food intollerance and allergies.