Valentine's Day Menu, February 14th, 2020

Valentine’s Day Menu

Dear Guests,
The Restaurant I Tigli in Theoria, via Bianchi Giovini 41 in Como,
We look forward to welcome You in our prestigious location “Palazzetto del Vescovo”
on February 14th, 2020 for the dinner.


Welcome by the Chef

Regal Oyster, Granny Smith apple, caviar and sorrel froth (4)

Marinated Cod rosettes, sweet-sour cauliflower variations (4)

Duck foie gras escalope, fresh corn soft polenta, asparagus, radishes marinated with umeboshi (1- 3 – 7)

Oyster leaves risotto, dried black Omar lime, finger lime (7 – 9 – 12)

Black Angus sirloin flap meat, lingonberries, Bruxelles spouts, roasted Cardoncelli mushrooms (7 – 9 – 12)


The red Apple (7)

Water, “Gran espresso” coffee, our home made pastry

Euro 160,00 per person


Valentine’s Day Menu is proposed for whole table
For information tel. +39 031 305272 or send us an e-mail
The numbers next to the course refers to food intollerance and allergies.
*Due to HACCP law and to safeguard our Guests,
raw fresh fish is frozen in short time to ensure maximum and total safety.
For more information ask to the Staff.

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