The Chef Table

I Tigli In Theoria offers the Chef’s table, surrounded by one of the restaurant’s cellars and opening onto the beautiful kitchen. It’s a table that from the dining room continues abstractly in the kitchen, and is separated only by a sound-insulating glass.
The Chef’s table room is an exclusive place where you can observe the Chef and his brigade during the creation of the dishes, and you can also overlook the careful treatment of care for the raw material and the precision of our the culinary techniques. Basically, an experience for gourmet enthusiasts that allows them to understand the secrets, the essences and the magic hidden behind the kitchen of a starred restaurant.

The Private rooms

I Tigli in Theoria carries private rooms for customers looking for privacy in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, or for those who want to arrange a personal or business event in utmost discretion. The typically alpine style of these rooms makes the gastronomic experience a virtual journey in the wonderful Walser tradition.


Made of
old spruce
It can accommodate
4 to 8 people


Made of
Engadine stone pine
It can accommodate
2 to 4 people


Made of
Provencal oak.
It can accommodate
4 to 8 people


Made of
old larch
 It can accommodate
6 to 10 people

Lounge bar

A warm and welcoming environment
It is possible to enjoy the service and the recommendations of the charming and refined Lounge Bar on the upper floors of the historic building, with an offer that starts from the afternoon, continues during the happy hour and ends with the after dinner.

The Garden

To welcome our guests as they cross the door, Palazzetto Castiglioni has a wonderful indoor garden that, depending on the season, offers artistic installations, botanical compositions and a large space for dining during summer.

The Orient Express Room

A welcoming room invites you to have a unique sensory experience and let yourself be transported on a journey aboard a timeless train where you can sip extraordinary cocktails or discover the real tea, obtained by the infusion of whole leaves.
Our cocktails, served both as aperitif and as after dinner, are accompanied by refined finger-food made by our starred cuisine. You can taste or buy our tea in a vast range of excellent quality, accompanied by sweet temptations.