Saturday’s Menu
April 30th & May 7th, 2016

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Dear guests

The Restaurant I Tigli in Theoria, via Bianchi Giovini 41 in Como,
in collaboration with the providers food & beverage,
We look forward to welcome You in our prestigious location “Palazzetto del Vescovo”
on Saturday April 30th and May 7th, 2016 for Lunch.

Welcome by the Chef

Veal sweetbreads in milanese coocking and small vegetable in tempura coocking (1 – 3)

“Tagliolini” with dried tomatoes, sauce of Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, “mozzarella” mousse and fried basil (1 – 7)

Roasted Red Mullet*, swiss chard, candied lemon, cacciucco broth (1 – 4 – 9)

Our sorbets (8)

Water and coffee with our home-made pastry

Euro 65,00


For information and reservations, tel. 031.301334 – 031.305272 or send us an e-mail
The numbers next to the course refers to food intollerance and allergies.
*Due to the HACCP law and to safeguard our guests our raw fresh fish have to be frozen in short time to guarantee
the maximum and total safety.