New Year's Eve Menu, Tuesday December 31st, 2019


New Year’s Eve Menu

Dear Guests,
The I Tigli in Theoria Restaurant recommends the “NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU”.
We look forward to welcoming You in our historic location “Palazzetto del Vescovo”
on Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 for the dinner.



Welcome by the chef

Snapper* tartare, hard boiled sour Quail egg, black cabbage, olive and tomatoes powder

Scallops*, Veal Sweetbread, capers, candied tomatoes

Duck Foie Gras torchon, Chilean raisins, sweet wine, Timut pepper, walnuts and raisins brioche toast

“Acquerello” carnaroli risotto, butternut squash, sour butter, coffee, Red Prawns tartare

Tournedos Rossini

Pre dessert


Caffè Gran Espresso and Petit Fours


€ 160,00

Wine pairing € 100,00


The New Year’s Day Menu is proposed for whole table.
For information and reservations, tel. +39 031 305272 – +39 031 301334 or send us an e-mail
The numbers next to the course refers to food intollerance and allergies.
*Due to the HACCP law and to safeguard our Guests,
raw fresh fish is frozen in short time to ensure maximum and total safety.