Lunch Menu
Second half of December, 2016

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Dear Guests

The Restaurant I Tigli in Theoria, via Bianchi Giovini 41 in Como,
offers “LUNCH MENU”.
We look forward to welcome You in our prestigious location “Palazzetto del Vescovo”
and offer a menu exclusively from Tuesday to Friday for the Lunch. (Menu not valid from December 27th to December 30th)


Welcome by the Chef

Egg pochée, parmesan foam, puffed potatoes (3 – 7)

Chest of Pelacollo Red Cockerel stuffed with pistachio from Bronte, Fiolaro broccoli and Cockerel broth (1 – 7 – 8)

Yuzu, Guanaja and Opalys Valrhona chocolate (1 – 3 – 7 – 8)


Euro 50,00


For information and reservations, tel. 031.301334 – 031.305272 or send us an e-mail
The numbers next to the course refers to food intollerance and allergies.
*Due to the HACCP law and to safeguard our guests our raw fresh fish have to be frozen in short time to guarantee
the maximum and total safety.