Palazzetto del Vescovo

The Palace

“Palazzetto del Vescovo” is a historical building in the very heart of the city of Como next to the lake and the Dome, dating back to the mid 15th century.
It was designed to be an extension of the Branda Castiglioni Archbishop’s residence, but nowadays it’s the location of the one Michelin star restaurant “I Tigli in Theoria” born from the combination of “I Tigli a Lago” and “Theoria”.
In a smart location with a luxurious atmosphere, clients are welcomed in exclusive and cosy rooms and during summer evenings dinner is served in the lovely private garden.

More than 600 years of history

The residence of Bishops in Como was built in 1013, both as a defensive structure for the religious authority, Alberico Bishop, and as a display of his power.
During the second half of the 15th century, Branda Castiglioni, Bishop of Como for about twenty years, decided to widen and beautify the original building, adding a wing to connect his residence to the lake and have an easy access to his vessel.
Both the ground floor, enriched with a columned porch and the first floor, embellished with arched windows, faced a lavish garden leading to the lake.

The building, still showing elements of the original structure, underwent heavy interventions, including the construction of an overpass, joining the Palazzetto with the main bishop residence.
In 1992 the Palazzetto was further renovated and divided into three different residential units.

By the end of 2002 the new owner, decided to renovate the building to carry out his smart project. Not only he restored an important historical area in the heart of Como, but also transformed it in the location of a high quality restaurant connected with an art gallery, thus giving the site a new life.

The authentic, original aspect was given back to the palace. All the architectonical elements such as wooden panels and stone floors were disassembled, polished and repositioned with a view to integrate and hide the necessary modern equipment. Among the different ornaments of the Castiglioni family still detectable, we can appreciate the decorated wooden panel ceiling, the stone floor in the entrance hall and the terracotta-tiled arches and frames of the windows.


The brand, designed by Claudio Benzoni for the Theoria company, is a sign of identification evoking the cosmic and historic symbolism of the rose window.

With its circular shape it represents the double aim of the location, hosting and food serving. It’s made of six concentric circles recalling six dishes laid on a table and adorned with a crown of leaves, reminding the nature and the earth fruits turning into food.

Simbolo Theoria

The book

The book, “Branda Castiglioni’s palace, bishop of Como”, written by Claudio Benzoni, deals with the restoration and enhancement of the medieval construction, located in the heart of Como and built in 1400 as an annex of the bishop’s main building.

Nowadays this appealing and evocative location, set in a touristic area in the city centre, has become a charming restaurant, I TIGLI in THEORIA. In this space cultural and environmental growth go together with economic and commercial development, to satisfy the needs of citizens and tourists.