The Tigli in Theoria restaurant and Chef Franco Caffara are ready to welcome you to the spaces of the Bishop’s Palace in Como to celebrate Easter.

Easter Lunch Menu


Ethical Duck Foie Gras terrine, coffee powder, pan brioche (1-3-7-12)

Wood-free range Hen Egg, asparagus, tamarind, coconut milk (3-7-8)

Veal Sweetbreads, hollandaise sauce, vegetable extracts, Black Truffle (1-3-5-7)

Acquerello Risotto, 30 months Parmigiano, candied tomato gel, fermented yeast, black garlic (7)

Lamb Loin, aromatic herbs, Morchelle sauce, raspberry and rosemary gelato (1-7-12)


Easter egg like a Neapolitan pastiera (1-3-7)

“Gran espresso” Coffee, homemade pastry

165€ per person

Wine pairing
Six glasses of wine € 100
Four glasses of wine € 65

The numbers next to the course refer to food intolerance and allergies.

We can make changes to the menu or dishes only in case of food allergies or intolerances.
No other menu will be available for the lunch.

*Due to the HACCP law and to safeguard our guests our raw fresh fish has to be frozen in a short time to guarantee maximum and total safety.