the catalogue

The Sound of the Soul

Limpidity, density and lightness, fullness and emptiness, lighting and darkening: Irina Katchanova’s paintings lay out the appeasement of opposites, the dialectic rhythm of fusion, a sort of silent harmony seeping around the human bodies, the light, the objects, the botanical fragments and the postures. The body has its western cast, that mixture of the sacred and the erotic passed down through centuries of statues and paintings. The figures wait, listen, look: they are a multiplication of the artist herself, embodying her inclination to live between dream and reality, work and ambition, truth and utopia. At the same time the archetype of the body meets chromatic flashes, spelling out the expressive colour, the monolithic backgrounds, the splashed liquidity. In Irina’s more recent works, whilst insisting on the figurative aspect, there are tentative leanings to gentle abstraction: a passage supported by the structure of the surfaces and style, by the vibrant compositions of colour and the tenacity of the white, with no expressive contrivance, with no sign of tension towards difference. Irina expresses herself with elegance – that mixture of passion and ecstasy, scream and silence within the “classical” roots of painting – constantly in search of the combination of the best elements and values we carry: a creative dialogue made up of attention to pigments and materials, to the elementary postures of the subjects, their universal gestures, to the figurative attitudes that recreate that fateful mystery called human being.